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Jeanne Johnson

Veterinarian & Pet Shop Industry Leader

Jeanne grew up in North Georgia with a variety of animals ranging from horses, dogs, cats, birds, ferrets & reptiles. She has always been passionate about animals & spent 5 years in her late teens early twenties working in veterinarian medicine. She continues now with bringing more natural methods of taking care of our fur babies.

She has also been in the food & beverage industry for 20 plus years. Jeanne liked taking an active role working with culinary artists creating new dishes & cocktails that started out as specials & some of which evolved into regular menu items. She is super excited to be able to continue this love by bringing locally sourced & organically grown into our neighborhood restaurants.

Since giving birth to her child two years ago she has become much more conscious about what we put in & use in our lives. Jeanne spends much of her spare time in her garden growing the food that ends up on her dinner table.

“Hopefully I can pass on this love that my mother gifted to me to my daughter.”

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