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Josephine Thompson

Medical / Health and Wellness

Industry Leader

Health and wellness has always been an intricate part of my life and I have practiced organic farming methods ever since I first moved to the Appalachians back in the 70’s. Most recently I have been practicing as a registered nurse in the addiction rehabilitation field and have over 30 years of experience in various other fields of nursing with a strong emphasis on the medical/surgical aspect. The addiction field has provided a sense of “ making a difference" in that it is truly a mission. I take pride in working with some of the most difficult cases with empathy, care, and discipline. I am proficient in rural homesteading, and am equally capable with the modern day technical advances. My lifestyle mirrors my belief system of trying to be as conscientious of my affect on this planet by recycling, eating mostly organics and/or non-gmo foods. I believe in trying to find balance in this modern day world by also utilizing more naturopathic methods of healthcare and wellness for myself and my family and then having that knowledge of knowing when Western medicine is appropriate. In my spare time I’m gardening.

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