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SOS Naturals


SOS...The Natural Bug Away Spray is a product of Specialty Lotions & Potions Inspired by 3 beach bums Shawn, Olivia and Sara; this natural bug spray has allowed for lots of outdoor fun. Tested from the shores of Fire Island to the mountains of Upstate, NY and thousands of backyards in between this natural bug deterrent has Saved our Skin time and time again. So let’s stay at the beach until sunset, roast marshmallows after dark, catch lightening bugs in a jar (or fairies as we like to call them), sing around the campfire and make more memories….Without being bugged about it.




Homeopathic formulas for rapid relief of pain, myalgia,tight muscles, stiff and painful joints, neuropathy, sciatica, and TMJ.


Dermatologist's Choice

Dermatologist's Choice Skincare product line is an outgrowth of Dr. B’s experience in treating patients with a variety of skin concerns and an attempt to have you use preventative measures to keep your skin healthy and clear. 

Nature Loves You Skincare

Nature Loves You Skincare was formulated with one goal in mind: to create effective, ethical, organic skincare that alleviates skincare concerns using natural solutions. Inspired by their founder’s passion for natural healing and wellness, their goal is to offer the highest level of skin nutrition for amazing, satisfactory results.

Off The Backboard

Certified USDA organic barbecue sauce with a uniquely rich, tangy flavor, and style all it's own.

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Queen Hemp Company 

Queen Hemp Company is the first farm licensed and certified to grow and produce Industrial Hemp in Charlotte, NC under the 2014 Agricultural Bill. They  are the only Charlotte farm and one of the few US companies that has a truly environmentally controlled industrial Hemp product. They are a vertically integrated INDOOR grower and wholesale/retail distributor of high-quality industrial hemp products.

3rd Rock Essentials

We are 3rd Rock Essentials, a Virginia Beach-based team dedicated to bringing you the safest, toxin-free personal care products.  Founded in 2003 by a renowned chemist and natural products activist, 3rd  Rock has consistently grown and continues to formulate innovative products using the science of nature.  Our patented silver and zinc oxide formulations are not found in ANY other products. 

Norm's Farms


Our mission is to provide Elderberry Products, Plants, cuttings and information to the those in need. We are uniting Farmers and Consumers with quality elderberry products. Please help us share in the vision.

Norm’s Farms, founded by Ann, Rodger, and Erin Lenhardt in Pittsboro, NC, is a way of carrying on Norm's work and vision. The Norm's Farms family believes in the sustainable production of healing foods made with natural, clean and simple ingredients.

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